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The best option to catch up with the language!

Living Language Express

Find out what Intensive Courses will help you make it to the top in no time!

This course 2017-2018, at Chaplin’s we offer you a great variety of courses for you to choose which one suits your needs best: skip a full level, practice your speaking & listening skills or just catch up and prepare for an official exam. Our teachers are also official examiners, which makes your success closer than you thought.


Our speaking camps focus on improving your communication and listening skills through cool topics and activities, such as films or series, songs and so much more that will help you gain fluency and understanding. You have a FLEXIBLE option which allow you to come when it suits you best or a REGULAR speaking course which provides regularity and constant progressive learning.

In our schools in Rubí & Cardedeu. Barcelona

EPRICE: 35€/month. You can also choose to pay every term or the full year.

Intensive Express (full blended or Online)

The aim of these courses is for you to gain full knowledge and command of all 5 different skills of the language. Full-blended or online courses that will help you learn everything there is to learn in very little time. Study a full level in just 1 month.


COURSE 2017-2018

At our schools in Rubí or Cardedeu (Barcelona) or through our Chaplin’s Online learning platform.

TIMETABLE: Monday to Thursday. 4 hours/day. Mornings or afternoons

PRICE:prices range from 450€ (all inclusive and easy pay options)

ONLINE OPTION:  go straight to our online platform and start today!

All courses are or can be officially accredited by our international universities, Barcelona, Trinity or Oxford English.

Exam Preparation Courses (Cambridge, TOEFL, Trinity o IELTS Exams)

The perfect option that will give you the necessary skills and techniques to pass any official exam. Our native teachers, who are also official examiners, will guide you through every step of the way towards success!

Exam Preparation Courses (Cambridge, TOEFL, Trinity o IELTS Exams)

EIntensive:3-month course or 6-month course

EStandard: from 500€ for a full 50-hour course.

EPRICE:  500€ all inclusive. Tuitions + Chaplin’s online pack and tutor. Official exam registration fee (not included): 180€ approx./ Exam dates are available at our schools. Contact your nearest Chaplin’s school.



Our private packs/clases service is available 24-7 and accept up to 4 students.

These classes offer you great flexibility in all aspects of your learning. You can make it quick or you can take your time. Either way, our private pack service is the right option for those who:

EWant it quick and want it now!

ENeed to prepare for a job interview or presentation.

EWish to learn a language for a specific purpose, translations or specific/technical vocabulary.

YOU SET THE PACE and how you wish to learn! Contact us and one of our team members will advise you and send you a full learning plan and estimate.

Private lessons range from 30€/hour

HAVE YOU GOT TIME? Take our level test!

One of our team members will contact you with your result and a small learning tip on how you can keep learning!

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