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Our courses provide you and your business with a full language training suite to cater to any need.

Our courses fall into different types, depending on how fast each learner needs to progress.

 Business, Language and You

Learning a language is not always just about practicing the basic skills. For business it often means understanding special industry terms, specific vocabulary and communication styles.

That’s why we offer a whole range of courses focused on the language skills needed for your business. So from Aviation to Pharmaceuticals, and from Automotive to Telecommunications, we are sure to have a Business course or program that is just right for you.

Local or in company face-to-face courses, Full Translation & Revision service

Innovative, tailored courses in your company that focus on learning through different specific skills: emailing, meetings, conferences, presentations, key grammar and more!
Also, efficient and successful translation and interpretation services on site or upon request.

CHAPLIN’S ONLINE . Teacher-led live learning

Learn languages such as English and Spanish for specific purposes. We cater for all businesses and meet all our students and customers’ needs. Our online courses fall into different types of courses: Essential, Essential Plus, Premium and Premium Plus.

Learn Abroad or Language Immersions

We are proud to have helped and work with hundreds of companies since 1984 all committed to the importance of learning Languages.
We can now provide better learning experiences for companies at our Business Resorts through our Language Immersion Programs.

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