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Our method Works!

Results speak for themselves:  99% Pass rate

CHAPLIN’S GROUP International Language Centres- training people since 1984

Since 1984 for more than 30 years, Chaplin’s Group has lived up to its slogan

              All languages, All levels, All ages

We keep expanding our offer of courses and keep innovating, searching for new ways to make learning exciting for you.

Your best option

Chaplin’s Group works actively with the Fundacion Tripartita to ensure quality language solutions for companies,  the SOC (Servei Ocupacional de Catalunya) and the Confederació de comerç, which bring language learning to both unemployed and small local business owners.

At Chaplin’s Group we specialize in your future and our schools are officially accredited by the most important international universities. Trinity College Longon and University of Cambridge. So it is our excellent results over the past 4 years and our 30 years of experience in teaching which make Chaplin’s the better way to a better future.

Chaplin’s Schools of Languages

Tailored language training to meet your needs.

Today, Chaplin’s Group has schools all over the area of Barcelona as well as its Academic & Business centres in USA (New York) and Ireland (Dublin).

Over 30 years of experience back us up



Our pedagogical approach is communication based facilitating the competencies and skills necessary to help our students achieve their professional, personal and academic objectives.

Focusing on the 5 main language skills: Writing, Use of Language, Speaking, Reading and Listening, we encourage the SS to immerge himself/herself into the international experience we create in each and every one of our sessions, which take place in different classrooms that represent, at the very same time, different international cities.

Provide excellent language training and instruction in all languages in a controlled educational environment which will offer our student unlimited opportunities to use the target language with native and bilingual language professionals.

Our course programs and curriculums are supported by activities and events that enhance classroom learning and put into practice the target language both inside classroom and out in the real world.

Chaplin’s pays close attention to the actual needs of our students and providing personalized-individual care is our priority and the key to our students’ success in the learning of the language.

In Chaplin’s we are aware of our students’ needs, and these become our priorities.

All of our language teachers are native or bilingual experienced professionals who use the best materials and methods available and make innovative use of technology where appropriate. Making sure that your time with us is both an education and an exciting lifetime experience.

Join the thousands of Students Enjoying learning with Chaplin’s Group today